"Why are you working on that" を読んだ

Why are you working on that? という記事を読んで結構ささる部分があったのでメモ

Why are you working on that?

(意訳) あなたはなぜその仕事をしているのですか?


The work you do along with your colleagues should have a shared purpose. You should all know that purpose. That purpose builds alignment.


とあり、自分の好きなブログで毎回のように引用している 権限移譲する技術 にも ToDoではなくイシューを渡す とあるように「目的を共有して、どうやるかは信頼する」みたいな活動は重要なのだなあと改めて思った。

また、 Delivery as a goal is not shared purpose として、適切な目的ではないものを紹介している。

Building and shipping products and services is indeed The Work but it is not The Purpose of the work. You can deliver new work forever and never know if it was right, good or valuable work. Teams will often bond over the push to deliver work. This makes sense in that it provides a sense of alignment. “We’re building the mobile app and shipping it at the beginning of Q3!” When asked, the teams focused on this task will answer the why question with responses like, “Because we need a mobile app.”

But the delivery of the mobile app in no way guarantees that you’ve delivered something usable, valuable or materially relevant to the strategic success of the company. Without a clear shared purpose it’s the delivery that gets celebrated and rewarded. If zero people actually use the mobile app, the teams who built it don’t care because they don’t have the broader context.


このあたりの話は、 プロダクトバックログ Deep Dive - RSGT2022 の内容とも通ずるところがあるなあと思った。



Remember, if teams know why they’re working on something they do better work, they collaborate more effectively and are actively on the lookout for better ways to achieve those strategic goals.